Guake 3 hookup

In early 2018 Guake3 was released, since guake indicator was written for old Guake 0.X, old versions won't send commands to Guake3. If you want to connect guake-indicator to Guake 3 you must use version 1.3.1 and provide -guake3 as the first argument. From version 1.3.2, Guake3 is the default shell so you don't have to provide -guake3 switch, fallback to old Guake 0.x is still possibile with the -guake0 switch.

Guake version < 0.4.5 on Ubuntu 13.10, 14.04 and 14.10 show screen issue

Each time a Guake indicator entry is clicked, unless the entry has the option 'dont show Guake' activated, Guake shows up. This is accomplished by a dbus call to the "Guake show interface". Unfortunately this interface is available only from Guake 0.4.5, in previous versions there's only a "Guake show-hide interface". The show-hide interface causes Guake indicator to hide Guake if it's already on top, therefore, on old Guake versions, Guake hides himself if you click on a Guake indicator entry while Guake terminal is shown on the screen. If you are running Ubuntu older than 15.04 you can upgrade to Guake version 0.4.5 from Since Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet comes with Guake 0.5, this issue should not occur in future Ubuntu releases.

Guake version >= 0.4.3-3 on Ubuntu 13.10 autorenaming issue

I noticed that from version 13.10, Ubuntu ships with a Guake that auto-renames each tab every time a change dir command is issued. In this way the 'tab_name' field within guake-indicator.xml is almost completely useless because Guake overrides this value. In order to solve this:

  • install gconf-editor package to edit Guake options ( sudo apt-get install gconf-editor ).
  • Execute gconf-editor from a terminal
  • Browse to /apps/guake/general and unmark use_vte_titles key
  • restart Guake

Guake indicator select tab by name issue

Guake indicator provides the ability to send a custom command on the first Guake tab with a certain name, this is accomplished by selecting the "first Guake tab named" radio option and then writing the name of the tab within the textbox on the right side. This two fields are by default disabled because Guake interfaces don't offer this feature out-of-the box. To enable this feature attach this code at the end of the file (if you use copy and paste pay attention at the indentation, it's a python script and indentation matters a lot).

        @dbus.service.method(DBUS_NAME, in_signature='i', out_signature='s')
            def get_gtktab_name(self, tab_index=0):
            return self.guake.tabs.get_children()[tab_index].get_label()
The is usually located in the /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/guake/ or /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/guake/ directory (the latter is the case if you compiled from the Guake source code). I put the above python code in the data/ file inside the source tarball (another option is to download it clicking here) so you can patch Guake typing (as root):

        cat >> /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/guake/

After the patch has been applied restart Guake: I usually kill him with

killall /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/guake

then close and reopen Guake indicator, this causes Guake to restart. I hope the Guake team will include this little piece of code in their next releases, for now you have to do that manually.

Reporting Bugs

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